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High Tech Molding and Designs is a medium-sized factory that has the capabilities to meet the demand of any job. 

We have achieved great success in the plastic industry by following four principles. 

1.     Tooling – We believe in showing our customer the mold drawings before we start the actual tooling. 

2.     Flexibility – We have the capabilities to work with all kinds of plastics including: ABS, PC, PP, PMMA, PVC, EVA, etc. 

3.     Quality Control – We guarantee that the product is to your specs.  

4.     Time – We insure that are lead-time shipment will meet your deadlines

5.     R&D – We have a veteran staff of engineers that can develop and design a mold that meets your criteria with cost controls in mind. 

6.     Service – After the design and products we will continue to offer service.  High Tech Molding and Design will take all responsibility for defects molds.  We will continue to improve all aspects of quality to insure that all customers’ expectations are meet. 

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High Tech Molding & Design Inc.

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